Valapalooza 2017

WHAT: A formal(-ish), fun event with a Valentine’s theme, nice dinner, live entertainment, dancing, photo booth, table challenges (for those that like that sort of thing) and give-aways. All proceeds benefit Pine Valley NextGen youth group!
WHEN: Sunday, February 12th; the doors open until 6:30 pm
WHERE: Pine Valley Church, 1328 Co Rd 501, Bayfield, CO
PRICE: Tickets are $15 per attendee and can only be purchased on-site at the church (before or after service on Sundays, Wednesday nights or at the office during the week); $6 tickets are available for students who are signed up to volunteer at the event and also want a meal.
DEADLINE: Tickets must be purchased by the Wednesday, February 8th. 

  • Childcare is available for $3 per child. Dinner is not provided — only a snack. Children are encouraged to eat prior to the event.

Last year we raised $1,200 at this event; let’s break our record in 2017! Watch the highlights from last year’s event here.