After School Program

After School Program

Wednesday Afterschool Program

Our Statement of Purpose:

The Afterschool Program is designed for and dedicated to reaching children and teens in our community and bringing them into the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Our Objectives are:

  • To provide a clean, loving and fun environment for children and teens where they feel secure, loved and encouraged...
  • To provide classes and resources designed to help children develop spiritually, and in character with opportunities for them to grow a personal relationship with Jesus Christ...
  • To make all efforts to provide a safe and secure setting for kindergarten through 12th graders. From the very beginning we want children to know the heart of God which is expressed by patience, loving people, and enjoyable surroundings. Classes and activities are fun and creative as children learn about Jesus and teens experience spiritual growth in a safe environment.

When and Where

We meet every Wednesday throughout the school year, with exceptions for holidays and dates to be announced.

Early Childhood (nursery), birth to 36-months, is available from 6:30 to 7:30 pm. Nursery age children can be checked into the nursery at 6:20 pm. If for any reason your child needs you, we will contact you.  We also require that the same parent who signs the child in MUST be the same one who signs them out. The only exception is written prior authorization. 

Kidz Blitz (kindergarten-5th grade) begins at 3:30 pm. Kidz Blitz begins with an after school snack. Then there is time for homework tutoring, Bible verse memorization, games,play time, worship and Bible trivia followed by a hot dinner. Our Kidz Blitz leaders help children experience the joy of being part of the family of God through these activities. Children are only dismissed individually to the authorized parent or legal guardian. No child is permitted to leave with anyone else or on their own. Stop by the church office to get registered. Or contact Jill Shocklee at:

Pine Valley NextGen JHM (Junior High Ministry, 6th-8th grade) begins at 3:40 pm. The junior high program offers an after-school snack, optional snack shack (paid items), games and team challenges, worship, a teaching and ministry time, and break-out / small groups. Registration is required. Stop by and see David or Carrie Von Hoeson in the Youthroom office. Or contact Carrie at: 

Senior High Leadership Program (9th through 12th grade) begins at 3:40 pm. We have several senior high students that serve on Wednesday nights as part of our volunteer team, so we have developed a Leadership Program just for them. We ask that you get with David and Carrie in person and fill out the registration forms.

Signing Up Your Child

In order to provide you and your child with the best possible care, and the safety. We ask that you register your child by filling out a Parent/Child Agreement. Pick up and fill out the forms in the children’s or youth pastor’s offices.

Parent/guardians please be sure to sign the Bayfield School District Bus Form, which is now included in the Afterschool Program Applications if you want them to ride the “church bus” from the school to the program (highly suggested). The child will not be allowed on the bus until the forms are signed and turned in. You can also pick these up at the church offices.