Shawn M. Shoup

Shawn M. Shoup

Shawn is husband to Deanna and father of seven – four girls and three sons. Totally blessed.

He absolutely loves playing with new technology and is very much at home on the interwebs.

Shawn has been actively involved in ministry since the year 2000, a graduate of Christ for the Nation Institute’s Advanced School of Family Ministry. He has been caring for, resourcing and networking children, youth, and young adult pastors in the NextGen Rep role for the Foursquare Gateway District since the fall of 2010. He started serving as the youth pastor at Pine Valley Church in the fall of 2015 and transitioned into an associate role in the fall of 2017.

Shawn is a worship leader, musician and singer/song-writer, playing on stage and in many venues since his tween years. Visit his artist page at

He is also a part-time graphics artist, videographer, web designer and communications specialist. Visit his portfolio and business site at

You can connect with Shawn online via several social networks and more on his profile.

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