David and Carrie Van Hoesen

David Van Hoesen and his wife, Carrie, have lived in southwest Colorado with their four children since 2013. God graciously directed them to Pine Valley Church the following year and led them into serving our youth ministry program.

David has only known ministry his whole life, being the son of Salvation Army officers, serving in inner-city mission work. He became a youth pastor for a Salvation Army church and served for nearly 10 years in the Midwest before moving out to Bayfield and the blessed mountain life.

As a youth pastor, David fully believes that the key to ministry and reaching others with God’s love is through relationships and living His love through our actions and experiences as we pursue His will together. If you’re looking for David, you’ll either find him out hiking in the woods or brainstorming with teen geniuses about the next wacky and wild youth event!