PRODIGAL: New 4-Week Small Group

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be good with God? You know, what rules and guidelines you should follow if you really want to be “in” with Him? Do this. Do that. Don’t do that. It seems like there’s a system we have to navigate. But is this really what a relationship with God is supposed to be like?

Thankfully, Jesus answered this question for us. Two thousand years ago, the lawmakers and religious leaders at the time drew very strict lines around who was right with God and who was wrong with God. There was a system you had to navigate if you wanted to be good with God. But one day Jesus turned this idea upside down. Through His now-famous story known as the parable of the prodigal son, Jesus reminds us that there is no system and no process we have to follow if we want to be good with Him. In fact, all we have to do is turn toward Him.

In this series, as we follow the prodigal son’s journey filled with disobedience and defiance, we’ll discover that we not only have a God who accepts us when we turn toward Him, but also a loving Father who’s eager to welcome us back home.

The PRODIGAL Class will meet Wednesday nights at 6:30 pm:

  • Week 1: Everyone Is Welcome To Eat At the Table of God – April 18
  • (Break for Pine Valley Baptism Service) – April 25 
  • Week 2: God’s Grace Is Bigger Than Bad Behavior – May 2
  • (Break for The Really Big Show / Talent Show) – May 9
  • Week 3: Jesus Humiliated Himself to Spare Us From Humiliation – May 16
  • Week 4: It Doesn’t Matter How Bad You’ve Been – May 23

The class will be led by Pastor Shawn and will include weekly email communication and a daily devotional reading, emailed to the class each day for the duration of the class.



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