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WHAT’S NEXT? Message Series

When it comes to our faith journey, we know two things: where we are and where we’ve been. No matter where we are on the journey, we all ask the same question. What happens next? So join us this month as we discover and learn, regardless of where we are in this journey. We all…


Covenant Relationships Even in this unstable world, some things aren’t meant to be broken. Covenant relationships are powerful. They can make life great or have the potential to destroy your life. God put into place covenant relationships. Join us for 4 weeks, as we learn more together.

Removing The Masks

Join us for our new message series, REMOVING THE MASKS. We recognize the fact that we all have issues. But many of us spend more time trying to cover and hide those issues then we do fixing them. We end up hiding behind masks. Church seems to be the place where we have learned, over…